Bay Babies newsletter Jan/Feb 2015

Bay Babies is a hive of activity 6 days a week at 304 Lyndon Road, West, Hastings.


Remember we are a community care centre, where our practitioners focus is on health care for all ages.

The Homeopathy Hub is in full swing from Monday to Saturday.  You can make an appointment through their ezybook system.  See the link below and practitioner contact details.


Is it time to treat yourself or are you looking for a lovely, thoughtful gift?  Naturopath, Sue Eldon, found her last special on foot massages so successful, she's offering it again this month.  Check out the details below.


Don't forget to book into Positive Birth Class and HB Doulas Antenatal classes or book a Brainwave Presentation for your group or organisation!


Try the yummy egg roll and read about the your baby's diet and their gut microbiome.   If you are wanting good read check out the review for The Philosophical Baby by Alison Gopnik.


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