Bay Babies newsletter Mar/April 2015

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Keep ahead of the game with colds and the flu.  See our Naturopath, Homeopathy Hub or Osteopath.  Or perhaps you're in need of a massage or hot rock treatment.  See Michele or Di.

We have a great article on Breastfeeding as well as a timely reminder from Michele Nysse our Naturopath to be mindful of nutritents during pregnancy.

It is World Homeopathy Awareness week from 9-15 April.  Read where you can catch up with a homeopath to find out more about what they do.

Don't forget to book with our Midwife Trish Varcoe or into Positive Birth Class and HB Doulas Antenatal classes if you're having a baby or book a Brainwave Presentation for your group or organisation!

The book review for this newsettler has a fantastic title.  It's called Moody Bitches: The Truth About the Drugs You're Taking, The Sleep You're Missing, The Sex You're Not Having and What's Really Making You Crazy by Julie Holland and sounds like a great read.

Photography by Karyn Worthington Photography, see website for more information.