Homeopathic medicines assist the natural tendency of your body to heal itself. The remedies are easy to take and effective for all ages even during pregnancy. They can be safely used alongside conventional medicines.
Using homeopathy gives you a new kind of awareness about health and wellbeing. The selected treatment is individual to each person. The initial consultation may take between 60 to 90 minutes in long standing complaints. A shorter follow-up visit after 3-4 weeks is usually scheduled to assess response to the homeopathic treatment.
Homeopathy is useful in mental and emotional as well as physical complaints. For example homeopathy is very effective with fertility and menses problems, during pregnancy and labour, mastitis, urinary tract infections, lactation problems, baby colic and digestive disorders, coughs, colds and infections but also consider homeopathy for migraines, arthritis, depression, anxiety and behavioural problems. The list is endless.

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