Pre & Post Natal Massage

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During pregnancy the simple touch of massage can help relieve many discomforts and stresses during this time. Enjoying a relaxing massage can help a mum to be unwind, relax, and surrender while tension and stress are massaged away. After birth, massage can promote rehabilitation & recovery from the birth process, helping the mum to adapt and cope with the new challenges of motherhood.

Di Reefman - Positive Birth-Positive Body Work

Positive Birth is made up of a) birth coaching courses; to teach essential skills for having a baby, b) pre and postnatal body therapy; to ease the physical and emotional pressures of pregnancy and to prepare for birth, and c) cranio-sacral therapy for babies and children; to alleviate postbirth trauma and other related conditions. Positive Bodywork is a unique integrative system for healing and wellbeing using remedial and sports massage, cranio-sacral therapy, acupressure and heated and chilled rock therapy. Di is a Registered Massage Therapist with MNZ and has been practising since 1988 in the US, UK and NZ. She has been teaching Positive Birth classes since 1996.
Contact Di Reefman on 06 875 1170 or 027 575 1610.
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